VR Technology: The Future of Test Drives

Imagine the auto purchase without even leaving your house! Choosing your car model might be stressful, and here is where technology makes the difference between the yesterday-purchases and the tomorrow ones!

Many brands work on offering a new version of the customer experience through augmented and virtual reality. The innovations in this sector aim to bring car purchase to the next level!

VR and AR - Future Technologies

New technologies provide simple ways to solve modern problems. How to offer consumers more time efficiency? The digitalization of processes can be the answer! As a customer, you might have experienced the issues of ordering a personalized model without having the full idea of how your car is going to look. Imagine being able to experience the virtual drive in your future vehicle! Audi and Porsche took the test drive to the ultimate approach!

Focus on experience

Big companies bring digitalization to their showrooms. If you think about a new Audi or Jaguar, you can visit the store near you and experience your dream vehicle virtually. What are the benefits? You will be able to see the car in detail, set your own design, and view the prototype with the help of VR. Porsche uses a special service that, in combination with cardboard, can offer you the chance of a virtual ride from the comfort of your home!

Ready for digitalization or not, technology creates the possibility to test the wheels virtually before the purchase! Want to make your personalized car model directly on your phone? Big dealers know the needs of their customers and focus on delivering unique experiences!