Charity Partners

As with previous years, we will donate £1 for every nomination made in one or more of our PR and journalism categories. We are proud to present our Charity Partners for 2014:

Women On the Move Against Cancer (WOMAC)

WOMAC was established in 1979 and is made up of more than 45 female volunteers working in the automotive and associated industries. WOMAC raises funds for cancer charities through running events and activities each year.

The charity aims to help continue the fight against cancer by supporting a variety of projects, searching for more effective treatments or improving the quality of life for cancer sufferers, their families and carers.

The Marcus Rutherford Foundation

The Marcus Rutherford Foundation/Young Adult Cancer Trust ( is more than a charity.

It was bravely founded and part funded by Marcus in 2011 when he was battling Leukaemia and recovering from a gruelling bone marrow transplant. Before he passed away, aged just 22, in 2012 he left in place a small but productive organisation that is determined to play its part in researching the causes of well as offering a helping hand to some of the young adults affected by it.

The Marcus Rutherford Foundation/Young Adult Cancer Trust is unlike the vast majority of charities in that 90 per cent-plus of the donations it receives go direct to the young adult cancer patients it serves. Less than 10 per cent is spent on administration, postage, printing, etc.