Sims Images provides the Automotive Industry with all manner of imaging services: stills, video, retouching, editing and print solutions.

As such we are proud to sponsor Headline Auto’s Photographer of the Year Award, we are dedicated to providing the best possible imagery and strive to promote the best home grown photography talent. It remains a very natural partnership therefore.

Historically Sims operated with in-house photographers, but around 20 years ago, rather than being in competition with freelance photographers, we put down our cameras to concentrate on arranging trouble free shoots, post-production and printing, becoming a central point of contact for arranging and managing shoots.

This focus enables us to offer clients a wealth of dedicated, Automotive photographers and videographers without bias but with the proven knowledge of working with them so that we know their styles, strengths and skillsets. We now have approaching 100 exemplary, tried and tested professional imagery specialists on whom to call.

From concept through to content, we do as much or as little as is needed, but our years of experience means that shoots go smoothly so that nothing is missed and our clients always get stills and video they need but perhaps without the price tag they’d expect! Our in-house team of retouchers ensures that all imagery meets the high quality expectations needed by journalist, client and photographer alike. It is for this reason that we work for photographers and agencies direct as well as for our clients in Automotive PR!

If you find yourself with an imaging requirement and need quick, hassle free but cost effective results then we’re always on hand to help. Call us on 01293 852999 or look to see what we could do for you by or visit